Tuesday, March 22, 2011


20th March, 2011.

This Sunday afternoon I settled down to watch the one day cricket match being played between India and West Indies, though the match between the two rivals was not as interesting as compared to matches between India and Pakistan or Australia, I took comfort in the fact that I would witness the little master (ofcourse Sachin Tendulkar) score his 100th century (maybe) which is eagerly awaited by the cricket fans not only in India but all over the world.

I was anticipating I would witness a feat which no batsman in the world of cricket has achieved, as the match commenced Gautam Gambhir and Sachin were seeing no demons in the wicket and the innings would progress at good pace and make the West Indians sweat in the humid March sun at Chennai.

Just as I was thinking that the great feat was just round the corner…..a blistering ball pitched by Ravi Rampaul at short of length rose sharply (which took even the little master by surprise) and pierced his defenses. All the West Indian hands surrounding the batsman went up in appeal unanimously for caught behind. In a flash of second the little master turned his back and started his long walk back to the pavilion without even waiting for the verdict of the umpire who was now busy shaking his head from side to side turning down the appeal.

I was fuming looking at this unusual sight….what business did he have to walk away without even waiting for the umpire’s decision! he could have easily completed his 100th century……… was all that my common man’s mind could think ….as the match progressed and the more I saw the action replays I realized…….that here is a man…. a “gentleman” who is not only the best batsman in the world but also a man who can rise head and shoulder above others as a human being….. despite his small frame. It is a great virtue for a man to forgo an opportunity so rare on a big stage only because truth should prevail.…… Sachin did not score his 100th century today………..but he added another hundred hearts to his kitty ….. who will wish that very soon he will achieve the great feat…….. which only he can!!!!!!


  1. Jaggu...

    I agree and disagree both from two different perspectives. I don't know which one is right and if I was Sachin I would probably choose to walk away from eternal glory.

    Perspective 1 - just as we saw. The man is honesty personnified and like the game it is - a gentleman's, he behaved like one and called himself to judge his own character and decided right was always right and walked back proudly. Yes the umpire was shaking his head but if one extrapolates the events seconds after that delivery here is what I think would have happened. Sachin stands....the umpire says no.....the world watches multiple very high definition action replays from tens of angles, in addition an electronic eye measures the trajectory of the ball and categorically shows him to be out....then the world says...."hmmm...he should've walked....he was out re". And then those 99 hundreds wouldn't have made it better. Sachin would have fallen a bit in some measure.

    Perspective 2 - All human beings have a role to play....social or fiduciary. It is the job of the umpire to call a decision. He is qualified and trained to call a decision. Can an umpire call out and the batsman say "No...I oppose that"...never. So how can an umpire say "No....not out" and the batsman say "Yes I oppose that and I am out...". The umpire has the right of declaration on the field and it is his onerous job to make difficult decisions and stand by them. So Sachin should have stood his ground because he respects the umpire's decision. The game is not sullied because of this stand but again is elevated to a gentleman's status because of the respect shown to a referee's decision. Would the West Indian's asked for a review...possibly yes....but possibly no. So Sachin could have stayed like many many other players who have stayed their ground based on an umpiring decision and gone on to make his 100th 100 and we would all have forgotten that "nick to the glove" and celebrated with the Little Master...

    If I was Sachin....I would have done what he did...but everyone is not him....

    Regards - Sundar

  2. Jagdish,
    Sachin knows that if not on that day may be he will achieve his 100 another day. He sure is a great sport.
    Sham Phadnis