Friday, February 18, 2011

Gratitude....a great feeling!


As I sit to write I am unable to see clearly….. I wipe the swell of emotions which has ebbed through my eyes, this is the only way I can vent them out in my solitude without being ashamed. They are a result of introspection and realization.

We all have achieved success and sometimes come out of impossibly difficult situations…… have we really achieved all this on our own without anybody’s help?

On thinking deeply we realize that somebody is always there ….a god send without whom we wouldn’t have come out with flying colors. Once we come out of a situation, we attribute all the success to our own efforts (of course they are necessary) but would it have been possible if these people were not there? The answer is definitely a “no”! Can we acknowledge them?

Have we really thanked the people who have selflessly stood by us ……thanked them within ourselves…..thanked the almighty for sending them in our hour of need.

As I do this …while traveling back from work …. I sit and stare at the setting sun in an alien land with tears of gratitude in my eyes and decide to pen down my feelings……with a lot of burden off my heart.

I once again thank one and all for making my life so beautiful….as it is today.

Above all thank you god …...thank you for making me realize……albeit a bit late.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parents: Unconditionally…..Yours

When we were teenaged and young we always felt that we had grown up enough and knew everything. Anything our parents said or did was construed as nagging……interfering and sometimes irritating.

At this age we are oblivious to many things and keep wondering…..why is it that parents do …..what they do ……nagging…interfering etc …etc.

This feeling of being nagged is carried along with us for years after we have passed the adolescent age without giving a single thought to why they actually do it. They are constantly urging us to be vigilant in all the aspects of life……and we perceive it as naggi…….interfe…… etc…etc.

Being the only son I have always lived with parents and carried the same feeling all along…. Now since the last two months I have been out of country for professional reasons…far away from…my parents.

But this morning it dawned on me……after I made phone call to enquire about my mom’s health who was down with viral fever…the moment the call got connected and she heard my voice……without letting me talk she asked me why I had not taken medication for cold?….which had been ignored by me since a week……. After the call I was left deep in thought ….. pondering…..thinking how for so…..many long years I thought the way I did. It is only because of love they do it… I was so wrong in thinking that way…..It’s good this realization has come to me before it’s too late to acknowledge.

I must stop writing now … to make a long distance call to my mom to thank her…..thank her for all the nagging she has done in the years gone by…. And also ask her to nag on….. irrespective of how old I am.