Saturday, July 24, 2010

Relations.....funny are they?


I have seen many ups and downs in relations. It is very obvious that relations are bound to be tested when people interact with each other very closely. There is bound to be difference in opinions of two individuals because of difference in levels of thinking, basic nature, intellectual capacity, habits, likes, dislikes, ego and many other reasons which if I choose to enumerate can fill up a volume. People get disillusioned with each other for petty reasons to such an extent that they do not want to see or keep in touch with each other……sometimes for long periods… which time life just passes by. By the time one realizes it’s already too late.

It is understandable if the misunderstanding is because one of the individuals has done something wrong or unjust. But breaking a relation for petty issues is just not understandable…….human beings are supposed to be one of the most intelligent amongst all the living beings then why is it that they behave like that….but scratch the surface and there is still a lot of love….

I witnessed this….when i was instrumental in bringing a brother and sister face to face after almost 15 years. They were not in touch with each other for so long…..maybe for a some petty reason. I did not try to find out what the issues between them were because I knew they were a result of some unfulfilled mutual expectations.

On a rainy day this July I somehow convinced the brother to come along with me to his sister’s house……to my surprise he readily agreed. The gloomy mood of the brother was reflected in the grey coloured sky, he seemed very tense at the prospect of meeting his sister after such a long time.

We reached the house by which time a heavy down pour had already started, I entered the house first…. followed by the apprehensive brother. On seeing him… the gloomy day light after such a long time her face lit up in contrast to the weather outside.

There was a rush of mixed emotions reflecting on her face….but the first thing I noticed was a smile…I realized I had done the right thing…. there were tears of joy and then there was anger as she could not stop herself from hugging her brother and asked him in a choked voice….. where he had been for so long…..all the animosity of the last 15 years seemed to dissolve in their tears. They both held each other for a long moment as time stood still………. but the clock was still ticking away as it ticked for the last 15 years....., the clouds were still raining as they do year after year........ and my eyes were also wet with tears which they seldom did in the last 15 years…..

The clock is still ticking today…..and the clouds are still raining in Mumbai as I continue to write …my friends…what are we waiting for…….not the fifteen years which this duo (brother & sister) lost.......

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  1. Well done Jaggu. If you remember, we also faced similar situation and did not faced each other for almost a year. Now I realise what I had done, but positive side was that, our bonding became more stronger. And now you can see, I found you after almost 20 years. I keep seeing those old snaps and recalling our college dyas. As you know my love for songs and music, bas ek hi gaana yaad aata hai - Jaane kahan gaye wo din........