Friday, June 25, 2010


The mind is the most powerful entity.

Our thoughts are determined by the state of mind. The mind takes you to places you possibly could never have imagined. There is a very thin line which divides the reality and dreams you see.

Whenever we see a dream its so.........real, at that moment we get carried away...... we feel real i did when i was chatting up with my late uncle with whom I shared no bonding when he was alive.

He was so much away when alive but was so near to me when i was speaking to him in my dreams, I was thinking that its so good that I was speaking to my uncle and things had changed afterall! but alas the dream ended and left a feeling of emptiness in me.

I have been pondering over this feeling of emptiness ever since.....but now i realize that maybe i should have or rather could have avoided such a feeling of emptiness if i would have spoken my heart out to my uncle when he was still there.......sorry uncle I really miss you.

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  1. We understand value of things or person when we loose them.