Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Watching the beautiful rain today from the confines of my bedroom this morning, I realized with a definite affirmation that nature gives us a very subtle message in everything that happens around us.

The rains brought with it the tenderness which one can experience in a mothers arms and this feeling was diametrically contrasting to what I felt a fortnight ago when the sun was shining bright.......... scorching everything in sight but even then we failed to realize that the goodness of the mango was all because of this heat. The heat evaporated all the water, which is why we are experiencing this beautiful day today.

In life every thing happens for something good, we have to only wait for the mystery to unfold.......the beautiful mystery called life.

Just experience the change because.......change is the essence of i am still spellbound by this beautiful moment I thank god for everything good given to me.....even the change.


  1. you are mango lover. now with rain you can't eat hapus. chang is essence of life.........

  2. I must say, you too have changed Jaggu and somewhere I also feel similarly. Its good that we are changing with time.