Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Integrity In Adversity

It is so easy to fall prey to unethical ways and more so in adversity. In today’s world it is as if people holding position of power have got a license to be corrupt but what astonishes me most is that people strive so hard to reach a certain position with the only purpose of accumulating wealth through unscrupulous means.

After reaching a certain position in the course of a career it is much easier to discharge duty in a manner such that it benefits the society at large. This can result in personal satisfaction of much more magnitude than what materialistic things can give. It is not as if all the people in power are corrupt, there are many out there who go out of their way to practice ethical ways of discharging their duties and power. These are people who are not working with limitations in terms of money, power and other resources. Such people are people with integrity of character.

But what appeals most to me is a man who maintains his integrity in adversity. There are millions of people facing difficult situations in life and there is a reason for them to choose the easy unethical ways but they don’t do so. These are the people who can be termed as true people. i.e “A man who maintains his integrity in adversity is really a honest man”.


  1. Well said Jaggu. Difficult ituation is our real test and if you go though adversity without being unethical then goal of life is achieved.

  2. 'A man who maintains his integrity in adversity is really a honest man'-- Wonderful!